Treatment Oil

mori beauty by Natural Beauty Treatment Oil 40ml/1.35oz

  • Product Introduction:
  • A smoothing & rejuvenating hair treatment oil that restores natural shine
  • Main ingredients:
  • Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil - Rich in natural polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (Omega-6 type) & natural Vitamin E. Intensely smoothes hair and repairs frizz. Fights frizzy hair caused by humidity in the air, keeps hair smooth for a long time, & gives hair a natural shine from the inside out
  • Isostearate Hydrolyzed Keratin - Different from ordinary hair oil, it gives the effect of revitalizing, nourishing & smoothing to hair
  • Golden Inula - A perennial halophyte (coastal plant) that blooms from late July until early September & can grow to about 1 meter tall. Helps awaken, protect & brighten hair color while adding natural luster to hair
  • Vitamin E - Increases hair shine
  • Squalane - Fresh & non-sticky, with the effect of repairing frizzy hair
  • Purpose:
  • Protects, revitalizes, nourishes & smooths hair, while adding natural shine How to use:
  • Wipe the hair to semi-dry level, rub an appropriate amount of hair oil on to the palm of your hand & apply it to the semi-dry hair. (Apply to the midsection or end of hair)
  • After drying your hair, take a small amount of hair oil again & apply to ends or frizzy areas without rinsing
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Category Hair Care
Brand mori beauty by Natural Beauty
Product Line
Size 40ml/1.35oz
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